Oh Snap!

I am so pumped to be chilling over here at wordpress. I have been on blogger with eMCeeZ Log for forever, and I kinda feel like I’m cheating on a spouse right now…

Well, to announce my arrival, I wanted to share a video of a recent life fulfilling moment of mine.

That’s right. Believe it. That was THE legendary Fred Penner, REMIXing his own smash hit ‘The Cat (and Jets) Came Back’ with a little bit of Ray Charles at the end.

This Blog will hopefully allow me to better organize my thoughts into a more share-able way. I do declare all the elements of my last blog will have to be continued into my new domain. Thats right you all can look forward to the likes of:

Under the Influence


SAFE Stories

There are bound to be more exciting things as well…but the main reason I came over here at this particular moment, was so I could do some guest blogging on another blog ‘Winnipeg’s North End’. Shout out to @accordingtomio for getting that together.

All you readers best be keeping your eyes open for the FWD, North End Youth Newspaper coming soon to a bookstore near you (or a doorstep).

Love & Respect



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