*NeW* UpgradeZ to ‘northendmc’

Hey folks!


I just wanted to swing by to tell you all about some very exciting things that are happening!


Meet Me @ The Bell Tower

On my old blog (eMCeeZ LoG), I have given some very important information regarding a rally that is happening on Friday. It is called Meet Me @ The Bell Tower and is happening Friday November 18th at 6pm. If anyone wants to help they can donate or help out you can e-mail aboriginal.youth.opportunites@gmail.com


Other smaller, but still important, things that you should know about are linked to the following words below, relating to updating this blog:

  1. I have compiled a BLOG ROLL of awesome blogs that people should stay connected to!
  2. I have summarized AYO! so the world can see what we do, and what we stand for.
  3. I have also summarized North End Rising so people can be fore-warned about the oncoming awesomeness that is North End Rising
  4. I have done an about page, that says ‘Who is This Guy?’ summarizing yours truly.

Please feel free to leave me comments or share this blog (or anything I rant/rave about) with the people in your life or your community that need to hear it.

Love & Respect



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