Inner City Voices: Old School/New School

On Dec 26th 2011 ICV saw their first edition of Old School/New School featuring the perspective of ‘experienced’ inner city resident’s and blending them with the energy and ideas of youth community leaders and activists. This show featured 3 North Enders talking about their perspectives on their community.

  1. Geri Von Ramin: Community elder and long time North Ender Geri has offered her experiences and stories to enrich out Old School/New School experience. Thank you for all of your stories Geri, your participation was amazing!
  2. Kale & Jennalicious: These dynamic young leaders (20 and 27) shared their opinions on what they see as the ‘new school’ view of the North End. We talked about visual images, current projects and more.

That concluded MC’s radio debut, stay tuned to Inner City Voices on CKUW 95.9fm in the future for more exciting stories from the inner city of our beautiful city.

Respect always



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