Lessons From the Streetz

In December 2009, a new radio station hit the airwaves in Winnipeg: Streetz 104.7fm.  This Hip Hop community radio station was birthed out of NCI, as a result of the elders advising that a radio station must be created for Aboriginal Youth. Now those of you who know me, will know that this was amazing and it was something really was needed so youth could have their voice. My own involvement with this radio station has been quite extensive so far, and it feels very much like listening to family when I turn on the radio now.

Radio Family…how?

Because the folks on this station are so real, familiar, relatable to not only me, but most Aboriginal youth I talk to, it is no wonder that they have been voted #1 Radio station by Uptown Magazine with Big Will taking the crown as most beloved radio dude in the Peg. Also, they support community initiatives, and allow opportunities for young people to have their voices heard. It is amazing. Find below 5 lessons I learned from the Streetz Fam this year:

  1. Respect from No Sex: I never thought this would be, cuz initially I didn’t get it, but I really got to enjoy listening to Marcel No Sex Williams. As a 24 year old dude myself, his pledge of celibacy puzzled me. However, in checking out his website, reading his posts and listening to him rant and rave on Streetz…I feel like I understand his intentions a lot better. I appreciate his message of ‘get to know me before I give it up’. Its simple, but it’s a message that is desperately needed to be spread to our young men. Thanks Marcel for respecting women enough, and sharing your journey with all of us. Congrats on 2012 getting here.
  2. Courage from SlymSadiie: She is a young hip hop artist herself, and also is part of the original crew of the Streetz fam. I have FB’s and Twittered with her while she goes and does shows in isolated Rezzes in our province including my own rez of Shamattawa. In 2012, I am gonna go up there for the first time and I am pumped. Thanks to Sadie for having such courage to share her gift where it is needed the most.
  3. Wisdom from Rick Harp: The previous host of Urban Nation Live is now rocking it our on CBC Edmonton’s morning show. Shout out goes to Mr. Rick Harp who had me on his show many times to talk about youth issues and upcoming events. Even his vision in creating a weekly youth panel was fantastic and I am honoured he shared his wisdom, passion and example with me and all the UN Live listeners. Best of Luck in Edmonton!
  4. Honesty from Big Will: Big Will Streetz came busting onto the radio a little more than a year ago and has remained larger than life ever since. My defining moment with Big Will came in November when he lost a bet to Miss Melissa where she had him where a Sabe (bigfoot) outfit outside of the Streetz studio, carrying a sign that says Miss Melissa is always right. For those of you who follow the 7 teachings, you will know Sabe represents honesty. High 5 on Big will for having the balls humility to represent honesty…while holding such a sign!
  5. Love from Miss Melissa: What passion and dedication. She sure ha earned her title of BAWSE of STreetz. This lady works her but off and is as passionate about making change for our people of any radio announcer I have ever seen. I am honoured to work along side this lady and cannot wait to see what BIG THINGS we can come up with in the future. Rise Up!

And that concludes my little 2011 shout out to Streetz. I wanted to say thanks to this radio station for reppin’ the hip hop, giving the youth a voice, and I cannot wait to see what crazy, innovative and exciting things are coming outta that place in 2012.

Love and Respect



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