8th Fire Mini Doc (MC & Meet Me @ The Bell Tower)


Recently, our country was knocked on its butt by a brand new CBC Series, The 8th Fire, hosted by Wab Kinew, that explored Canada’s relationship with us, the Aboriginal people (First Nations, Metis & Inuit). It chronicles many stories that are called dispatches that talk about the many challenges that we face, but also highlighting some of the successes.

Meet Me @ The Bell Tower

On our 2nd Bell Tower of 2012, we invited many people (Wab Kinew, Lorenzo, the Winnipeg Police & others) to the North End Bell Tower at Selkirk and Powers in Winnipeg’s North End. On this night, 50 people showed up, and for the first time ever, the Winnipeg Police sent some officers! Unfortunately, as is the case with all of our rallies, we had to address this issue of violence within our community. On this particular night, we marched just down the street, where 2 young men had been involved in a day time attack with a machete. We honoured the victims of violence and vowed that we would look after one another. My partner in goodness, Ninoondawah Richard is qupted in the video and it shows what can happen when we as a community stand together.


I’d like to say thank you so much to our Bell Tower family, a movement of hope and peace that continues to rally at our Bell Tower every friday to talk about hope, and love, and share opportunities and our many gifts as a community. Thank you to Wab, Lorenzo, Streetz 104.7 and of course the Indian Family Centre for your constant support of the work we are doing. This is not going to be easy, but we ARE making changes. People are starting to listen. But we cannot use that as an excuse to stop. We must continue to spread the word and bring those who are most affected, and most able to pull our community out of the darkness with us.

Unity. Love. Together.


PS – we just had our 14th Bell Tower event, and coming this Friday, we celebrate acts of kindness at “Spring it Forward”…so bring it.


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