Positive News Stories + Friday March 23rd 2012

I cannot even believe all of the amazing things that are going on relating to North End Youth today, Friday March 23rd 2012. There are 3 very worthwhile events that North End Youth, Aboriginal youth and adults/helpers of all kinds are doing to make positive changes for the next generation.
This grassroots community project aims to bring back the traditional teachings, songs and languages that held the Aboriginal community together. this is a non-funded event where the attendees, speakers and event volunteers give their time freely because they believe in the cause. individuals and organizations are encouraged to contact thunderbird house with any support or donations of food.
Meet Me @ The Bell Tower – All Nations Under 1 Sky
@ Indian Family Centre – 470 Selkirk Ave (6-7:30pm)
Wow! The Bell Tower Movement is growing steadily. We can’t believe this will be our 17th Bell Tower Event since we began our anti-violence journey together in 2011. Come and celebrate the momentum and multiculturalism of the North End & the international day to end racism. We will also take a moment to CLEAN UP OUR BELL TOWER and make sure that people know that we lead by example and hope they can clean their yards up too!
MM@BT – All Nations Under 1 Sky Facebook Event:  http://www.facebook.com/events/346571722062126/

One Night One Nation Anti-Racism Concert
This concert (presented by AYO, Folkorama & The Social Planning Council of Winnipeg) is an anti-racism event intended to highlight the improtance of embracing one another’s cultures.
ONE NIGHT ONE NATION facebook page:
There will be some very exciting moments in this day, so please feel free to drop in @ Thunderbird House, The Bell Tower AND West End Cultural Centre for a day of celebration and unity. We are so thankful to all of the individuals and groups that have contributed to the success of all of these events.

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