The Movement

A movement is a series of events or activities that align with a common belief or intention.

With that definition in mind, that I present to all of you reading this, the debut of AYO’s (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities) OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

It has been a long and difficult journey over the last 2 years as we try to engage directly with young people. We began as an anti-gang (a direct counterforce to the negative and criminal gang activity) that is so commonly glorified in our community. At this past Friday’s Meet Me @ The Bell Tower, we celebrated the launch of our new website by acknowledging the role groups and community members have contributed to the Bell Tower movement, and corresponding initiatives. But also our media partners, friends, helpers and family. We have been so lucky to work alongside so many committed individuals and groups that share our vision of creating a better and more sustainable, useful engaged tomorrow for our children’s children.


Anti-Gang to Movement Status 

And with this new official website, we will begin to move away from our promotion as an anti-gang, and can now refer to ourselves, and activities and events as what they truly are: a movement. This is a chance for us to engage with even more young people, and groups, businesses and others to create more opportunities for our youth. We celebrated with stickers made on Selkirk Avenue, a cake from Gunn’s Bakery, acknowledging MC’s 25th Birthday and more! This new website will share info about AYO, such as who we are, present AYO Leadership,  what we have done, our calendar of events and a shout out to the AYO Family!

Join us online, and please share your feedback on the new site.

Thank you all for all of your kindness, love and support

with courage


What do YOU think?!

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