Hearing our Youth…FOR REAL

The above video is an example of some amazing young people from Poundmaker, SK taking a stand against their chief and council. I do not know the entire story, but I know a friend of mine Colby was recording this and it was an important moment.

Truth, Courage, Humility

I was so impressed by the display of these young people in poundmaker. With such clear examples. At first they demand answers to important youth issues such as

  • access to language programs (Keep the Cree Alive!)
  • Youth addiction
  • Safety of youth equipment

The Real Issue

The Real Issue I see in this video is that the chief and council are walking out on young people. THESE YOUNG PEOPLE ARE NOT BEING HEARD!! Their culture, their community, is at stake. I do not know what happened before hand but I do know that these young people DO deserve to be heard. Children as young as 6 years old are using drugs, the languages are not being passed down and the leadership is not working for the community the way they need to. When this happens, unfortunately, it is our young people who must stand up for the entire community and demand that our leaders listen to the things that are valid to the community. Why organizations that are working cooperatively with one another are going to be successful in our own North End. I am so proud of these young people and am sharing this video in the hopes that we can do soemthing together to show our solidarity.

Love Conquers All

What is next for these young people? I do not know. But I do know that we can do something as a Bell Tower movement to share our responses. Please send us a message, or simple Meet Us @ The Bell Tower (today @ 6pm) to share your message and help us come up with a plan.

I certainly hope that this can be an example to all youth, communities, politicians that young people must be heard FOR REAL. We are aware of issues and if we are allowed to participate, sit at the table, in situations where we are affected, we can help affect our communities for the better. We must MAKE SPACE for our young people to learn about what is happening around them and provide OPPORTUNITIES for them to have their voices heard. When we can begin having meaningufl dialogue, then we can cooperatively achieve the goals that will really benefit others. As quoted in the video

“if you let the hearts of the children fall and break we have nothing left” – community member

Gotta be honest. Gotta work together. Gotta be legit.


PS –  We are also bringing sidewalk chalk to the bell tower!!

PPS – keep an eye on the AYO Blog, and the official Calendar for more dates and events!


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