MC Moustache Contest – Post 1

It is official, I, Michael Redhead Champagne…will grow a moustache.Image


Well once upon a time, the lovely Miss Jenna Liiciious hacked my facebook profile, and posted that if that status got 50 LIKES, that I would grow a moustache. Of course, at the time, I had no idea this was going on, and moments ago, upon checking my facebook….here we are.


I need a little bit of help here. If I’m gonna grow a moustache (which I have never done before because I grow a messed up looking moustache) I wanna tie it to a bigger cause or purpose. I also need details. how long do I have to grow this moustache for? How long do I have to keep it? Why the heck am I doing this???


MC Moustache Growing Contest

I will post a photo of my upper lip, starting on Friday May 11th and upload a photo of the progress daily until the moustache is grown.

Start Date: May 11th 2012


Wow. This should be interesting….



What do YOU think?!

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