Leading in 2 Worlds…Keynote

On Friday June 15th, I’m pretty excited to be speaking to The 2nd National Aboriginal Trustees Gathering for heir conference called “LEADING IN TWO WORLDS”.


Part of what makes me so excited about this is that I will be able to address educators from across Canada. Share my crazy theories about learning inside and outside the classroom and the idea of  creating opportunities for community application within the curriculum. I am humbled to be speaking alongside 2 amazing people whom I respect fully: Kevin Chief (Minister of Children & Youth Opportunities, MB) and Wab Kinew (of CBC 8th Fire Fame). I have had the good fortune of knowing both of these men for a number of years and am proud to work beside them for change not only locally, but nationally, by setting a strong example for Aboriginal men. We are in different ways proof that you CAN tackle different challenges, and as long as you keep our traditions of love, respect, humility & hard work close at hand you can lead in 2 worlds…

This exciting event will bring together school trustees of Aboriginal heritage—and those with a commitment to Aboriginal learners—from across Canada, to learn from each other, and from our dynamic and thought-provoking presenters

9- MB School Boards Web Link: (http://www.mbschoolboards.ca/NATG2012_agenda_May25.pdf)


What do YOU think?!

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