MC @ Aboriginal Day Live 2012

So today was APTN’s Aboriginal Day Live event at the Forks. I went down with the homie Angie and MDH and had a great time! It all began with this beaver…


Next, I stumbled across the Tent for Oshki Anishinabe Nigaaniwaak (Aboriginal Young People Leading). This is the City of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Youth Strategy and they have a logo designed by a talented young lady I know named Jasmine (when she was 14!!). Of course the tattoo of that logo had to go on my forehead…which proved to be harder than we thought…


but we figured it out!


Next Up I got to See Sagkeeng’s Dancers (you can see the 3 boys from Canada’s Got Talent in there too). The cool thing was they were dancing in the middle of the Skate park at the Forks, and it led to a 360 degree seating situation which was actually super cool. The venue was awesome! And their dancing is intense… Gave me chills. I am so proud of these young people!


And then I did get to meet the boys from Sagkeeng’s Finest. I previously wrote a post about them. They seemed nice, but very tired.

Finally, I got to speak on the First Nations Bank Stage, just before Lorenzo went up to speak. It was great to tell them about AYO and the Bell Tower movement! Also sharing the importance of standing together and announcing info on FOR THEM ALL Youth Honouring Youth’s march that took place today as well.

It is an honour to fulfill my role as a HELPER in my community. I was moved to tears later at a reception listening to Don Amero share his hopeful message. If you haven’t seen the BELL TOWER REPORT from this past week, click here.

Thank you all for your support!! (you can like my fancy new FB page here, AYO’s FB page here,  and a surprise below…)


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