check out my crazy thoughts that I shared with our PolitiX crew…I would be curious to know what others think about this whole attack ad thing

Politix Brain Storm

I don’t know about any of you, but I happen to dislike Attack Ads in politics. I think it is silly for opposition parties to WASTE money (when the topic is the economy) talking about ‘the other guy’. Check out this Globe & Mail Article explaining it.

MC solution:  take that same air time, that same advertising budget and instead communicate with us and tell us what you are going to do differently/instead.

The ominous music, the attacks, the insults. Lame. Thank you to each of the attack ads for bringing up specific quotes…I guess that is good.  But all this talk about economy without proposing alternatives is lame. I am dissapointed in both the governing Conservatives and the opposition NDP for their recent attack ads.



I was happy in the last federal election that the NDP took the high road, and focused on positive ads…

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