AFN National Chief Debate 2012


So yesterday there was a debate aired for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. The AFN is not a government, but an advocacy organization that communicates on a national level with the Federal Government (Stephen Harper & the Conservative Majority).

The Debate was great. It pretty much revealed that all the other candidates disagreed with Atleo`s cooperation approach. Almost everyone was critical. Atleo seemed nervous and read a lot of his answers from notes which made me feel like he was not sincere. Pam Palmater definitely was the strongest candidate, she was aggressive, she was clear, she appeared educated, gathered and calm. I may have a bias opinion because I was able to meet her recently and she seems so legit that I am pretty confident in her abilities. Joan Jack did a great job too. The surprise candidate for me, was Diane Kelly. She earns the surprise of the night award, considering I did not ever hear her speak until tonight, I thought she did an excellent job. Terry Nelson was…Terry Nelson.

Check out these links and watch them for yourself. Don`t forget to share your responses on twitter with #AFNelection.

PART 1 –

PART 2 –

PART 3 –

PART 4 –


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