Justin Bieber Media Spasm is an Opportunity

So, the social media world, aka the modern day Indian Telegraph has gone crazy. Everyone is talking about how Justin Beiber in an interview with Rolling Stone inaccurately referenced the benefits of being “Indian..or Inuit or something”

Now before we all get upset “or something” lets take a look at the OPPORTUNITY this presents.

Justin Beiber, whether we like him or not, is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. He is a household name, the King of Twitter followers and obviously enough of a mainstream media darling to land himself on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Now, if Justin Bieber is Aboriginal (and the definition of that, according to Canada is someone of First Nations, Metis or Inuit descent) then this is an opportunity for Aboriginal leadership to publicly educate Bieber, and in turn, all of his millions of followers around the world. If Justin Bieber is NOT Aboriginal…the same info applies.

I am reminded of the November 2011 incident where Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian, made a comment on national TV about “no one likes an Indian giver” (Check the link here!)

MC Idea: I think our National Chief, currently Shawn Atleo, should take to the media waves and invite Justin Bieber to come andsit with the AFN National Chief and be educated by First Nations individuals themselves about the beauty and history of our nation.

This is not a time for us to be stamping our feet, wringing our fists and saying “oh poor us, how could Bieber do us like this?” This is not a time to be saying “JB is stupid”. He is an 18 year old dude that is a product of a poor education. Sounds like an attitude I see in other Canadians too.  Those of us who are First Nations, know that because of our status we do not get free gas. We know this is not a good representation of our nations. But it reminds me of the importance of when Wab Kinew recorded the promo for his appearance on The Strombo show on CBC that addressed some stereotypes about Native folks. This is an OPPORTUNITY for individuals in the AFN, Truth and Reconciliation Commission ,Native Women’s Association of Canada and ITK –Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami – Canada’s National Inuit Organization.

Please, help me send a message to the AFN and to other Native Leaders that we can seize this opportunity to educate Bieber, and his entire following on the importance of knowing whose land we are on in Turtle Island (North America) and create an opportunity to address this issue in the most meaningful way possible.

“The best response to ignorance is education”



PS – I know its offensive. I think its offensive all over, especially the fact that he is wearing a Blackhawks cap, which is a modern day native appropriation, using our Indigenous features as a mascot.


14 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Media Spasm is an Opportunity

  1. I think this is a great idea. But before you try to educate another being on a culture , make sure your using the correct spelling and grammar. Just a little tip to keep in mind 🙂

    1. Same goes for you, amigo. It’s you’re, not your. Or maybe we could focus on what mc’s writing about … Just sayin’

      1. thanks to both of you for your comments! I know we aren’t all grammatically perfect 100% of the time, but in writing this blog, I am practicing…and without practice I will never be perfect! I would be curious to know if you guys think this would work as an educational opportunity, or if you think JB/National Chief wouldn’t do it?

  2. He’s just a kid, he is riding his ‘wave’….who knows from there? Yes, educate. Also there are way too many haters out there. We all put a foot in our mouth now and then….don’t we?

    1. Yes, we all put our foot in our mouth now and then, but in JB’s defense, there’s always a microphone nearby to pick it up when he does it. I wouldn’t want that kind of pressure.

      I think that if he had the right invitation, it would be an opportunity for his education (so he doesn’t think it’s about free gas), and who knows? He just might become socially-minded and turn activist? That could go a long way on the education of many.

      Just saying…

  3. Do we presume to know everybody’s genealogy? We have approx. 6,000 Aboriginal children who were part of the 60’s Scoop who are now adults. How did we successfully welcome them back? There are approximately 45,000 people in Canada who recently received their Indian Status under the gender equity amendment to the Indian Act (2011). How successfully are First Nations welcoming them? There are over 9,000 Aboriginal children in foster care in Manitoba who are being raised in primarily non-Aboriginal homes. What do we say and what will we say when they approach our community and say…”I’m actually part Indian..I think Inuit or something.”? In Manitoba discrimination is prohibited based on the following characteristics (excerpted) (a) ancestry, including colour and perceived race; (c) ethnic background or origin. Is it better to instantly repel any influential, internationally-recognized people who may identify as having Aboriginal heritage? “The strength of a culture is not defined by what it can repel, but by what is can absorb.”

  4. Let’s educate Justin and all the other uninformed and mis-guided.
    Make them laugh, cry, smile, frown, get furious, depressed,resentful, hurt,anxious,curious, I could go on and on.
    Then show Justin how to bake a good bannock and bitch slap him up the side of the head with it.

  5. Absolutely, do we not have a public relations officer in the AFN to take advantage of these opportunities when they come up? Do we have to remind them from the outside? Hope not.

  6. Have you people not yet learned that publicity, in whatever form, is the greatest form of publicity. I read the article, and even JB can’t be that ignorant.

  7. I agree this is absolutely a perfect opportunity to educate Justin and the rest of the world who so often think that we get so many things for ‘free’. I am part of the 60’s generation, who is always looking at fighting back to correct injustices of racism, prejudice and intolerances within our culture. However, being an educated individual, I now see things in a different persepctive and find that education is the best form of addressing ignorance as someone so eloquently posted earlier. Lets take this opportunity and turn it into a positive note, the next time we hear someone comment about our beautiful culture incorrectly.

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