Michelle is Safe!

My sister Michelle has phoned home, and spoke to my mother stating that she is indeed alive and well! EKOSI so much to everyone who helped spread the message. I hope she understands it is out of love and concern that we shared those messages.

Secondly, I owe an apology. It is not fair of me to air others’ business. I do not know for certain that my sister is in current danger. I only know of what happened in the past. And although people can change, I have not been given any reason in the last months to believe that any change has come over their situation. I stand by the words I wrote in Dear Women Beater, but also wish to add this statement.


Lateral Violence is a big problem in our communities. It means that when we are put into shitty situations, we get lost in our circumstances (common things like family violence, domestic abuse, addictions, verbal abuse etc). As a result, we misplace our aggression and anger. We begin to direct that frustration in the form of violence towards our peers, or loved ones. I am openly apologizing for committing a public act of lateral violence to you, one of my peers.

When we lash out in anger, like I did when I composed the first part to this letter, we end up doing things that we regret. I am openly saying that I regret lashing out in the way that I did. I think back to finding out from my mother that Michelle had not been heard from in 8 days, and that she was thought to be with you. To be honest, I am afraid for my sister’s safety because of recent physical proof.

My first step though, was to approach Michelle myself, and ask her if she needed anything from me. In addition, I sent you a message asking her to contact us. I heard nothing from my sister, and only you responded. The demeaning and condescending message I received only heightened my suspicions you were treating her the same way. As a result, I publicly spoke to you in a similar fashion, calling you names and revealing personal information, and even a picture. I have since taken out your image, and even blacked out your name. I understand that that your response, and my initial letter were both acts of lateral violence, and I apologize to you.

I commit to admitting to my mistakes, and learning from them. I hope you can too.

In humility,



3 thoughts on “Michelle is Safe!

  1. I too am easy to resort to “old coping” tactics….. These coping skills have kept us alive and living today. We have lived most of our years using negative coping skills in our whole lives and when taught positive ones…. It takes time to practice and perfect! We may continue to fall back but know in our hearts to always move forward. This shows we are always learning and humbling ourselves to walk and practice those teaching that are new to us as we continue to make this a better and safer place to live! I love you Michael for everything you are sharing your true emotions. To humble yourself and apologize and for that it is called BRAVERY!

    1. To Michelle is Mother…
      Just letting you know as a pass former mother-law of the “woman Beater”..my stories are very real and true,and to Michelle is brother,it takes alot of courage and strength,to stand up to a BULLY,again iam so proud of all of you,iam also glad i read the press,iam stilling feeling anger towards the ‘woman beater”..he thinks he can still have that control and power,over me,just to let you know,he had message me,and tried to stike me again,but i feel no fear towards him,because i choose to not let him take me down,iam a stronger person ,thank god for my daughter she had left him,its been yrs now..!..but he stills trys to use themy grand childern as a weapon towards me,because hes running out of power…I will not apologize,for for writing comments,just be aware,he has nevered changed..thank you and may god bless you all,i hope and pray that your daughter,will someday leave the “woman beater”..!

  2. Dont give up on HOPE!!! Your not alone. It usually takes up to 9 times to get out and move on… Anything is possible… But freedom is not free… Stay focused and do what ur heart says not what he has trained you to do!! Everyone has a reason to be on this planet… But its not to be a punching bag!!! Good luck to you in your journey….

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