Wow. I am immensely honoured to have this feature. I look forward to scouting out others who deserve to be highlighted, honoured and celebrated! We have such a wealth of resiliency, ability and hope in our hood that I cannot wait to see where our young people take us!
in humility,

Winnipeg's North End

Every month the North End Winnipeg Blog will be featuring a business/service or person living, working or making a difference in our community as a thank you for making this place a wonderful place to live, work and play. If you know of someone or a business/service that should be recognized, please contact us at the email located on the left side bar on why they should be nominated. Parts of your email will be included in our feature.

Photo Source: North End MC Blog

Have you ever loved something so much that you wanted to see it change for the better? Enter North Ender, activist and all around good guy, Michael Redhead Champagne. Born in Shamattawa Cree Nation and adopted by two loving parents, Michael was raised in the North End and is proud to be from such an amazing community. It is our honour to have Michael as…

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