The First NAtions Property Ownership Act is a very bad idea that is counter productive to building healthy, non-colonial relationships with First Nations in Canada. “I am not comfortable leaving the door open for such a possibility and think we must legally take steps to protect what little we have left of our traditional territories. And to have such legislation put forward by the government is another example of “daddy knows best” attitude of government towards First Natons communities. “

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The Federal Canadian Government has an idea to make property ownership more “equal” for First Nations communities. It is happening through a piece of legislation known as the First Nations Property Ownership Act (official website here). Right now, First Nations communities (aka reserves) are technically owned by the federal government, held ‘in trust’ for First Nations communities. which means individuals with houses on reserve can’t use them to get mortgages, loans, or have the necessary personal capitol to start a business etc. Essentially, the act would allow reserves to be divided into small pieces of land that individuals could own, just like in the rest of Canada, sell it, use it as collateral etc. Equal, right?

I am not so sure. I think that this legislation is a very BAD IDEA and is further disabling our ability to protect Mother Earth. The overall process is terrible. A government bill, supported by a little over…

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