Chapter 3: MC, Bowman & Young Have A Plan

By now you all know, that on Thurs. Sept 27th, over 40 CEO’s are going to be spending a night out on the street to raise funds and awareness about homelessness in Winnipeg. I have become involved and am interested in helping raise awareness. With that in mind I have developed this series to explain it.

Chapter 1: What is the CEO Sleepout?

Chapter 2: Suggested Activities at the Sleepout

Chapter 3: Bowman, Young & MC have a plan

Beginning at 11am on Friday Sept. 21st, 3 of the CEO Sleepout participants are taking themselves to the streets of Winnipeg to explore homelessness in Winnipeg even further. Without the larger group of CEOs, bright lights, without sleeping bags and without money this team will be spending an additional night on the street. Brian Bowman is the chair if the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and a partner with Pitblado Law and Robert Young is business development specialist, author and member of the Manitoba Liberal Party. The 3rd candidate, is your truly, North End MC.

Here is the plan: we 3 will convene at Portage & Main, the site of the Sept 27th CEO Sleepout and begin their journey from there. We have decided to not bring sleeping bags,media (other than phones) or money with us as we want to explore the streets of Winnipeg as honestly as possible. We will explore places downtown, at night time and take the time to

-chat with people on the street who we meet
-ask questions of Helpers (police, main street project, salvation army, Downtown BIZ etc)
-visit Siloam Mission & Salvation Army

This whole exercise will take place over 4 or 5 hours. We will be taking suggestions, ideas and feedback via twitter with the hashtag #homelesswpg. Please join the conversation.

We do not know where we will end up. We do not know what activities we will find ourselves in. But we will take our experiences, we will document them, and they will be shared with the public, and especially will be shared with the other CEO participants when we meet with them on Thursday the 27th.

There it is, we have a plan.


Chapter 4 will be a sit down with Stefano Grande or @DownTownJason to discuss what difference a year makes in terms of what last year’s CEOs have been up to since then.

Again, any feedback and criticism is welcome!


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