Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Part-ay!

Yesterday I was fortunate to recieve an award from my MLA, the Honourable Kevin Chief, Minister of Children and Youth Opportunities for Manitoba. Check out these pics/vids of the ceremony

The below video shows Elaine Bishop of the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre receiving her medal (also from KC)

MC gets a medal video

MC & Angie Lamirande who does an amazing job finding opportunities for me to share my words with others!

MC, Floyd Wiebe (of TJs Gift & Gang Awareness for Parents) and Jesse Gair (of Spence Neighbourhood)

Me and my lovely girlfriend Gracie Lou

My beautiful mother Sharron Champagne, who along with Ron Champagne, adopted me as a baby and raised me into the person I am today….its their fault 😛

Finally, I wanna say thanks to all of the youth who have worked beside me through out the years, thins are getting better, and though we get tired we must continue to find ways to celebrate the gifts that we have to offer our community.



PS – thanks to Kevin Chief and his team for the nomination, I am humbled!


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