Success as defined by Hopsin

The below message was just posted from Hopsin’s facebook page. He is an artist I really admire for his intelligent and kinda belligerent way of operating. This post is about success, and how if you work for it, you get it!


success isnt something that lucky/gifted people happen to stumble across. while you were making excuses talkin about “ama wait till i get a car first”, they were catching the buss. while you were sayin “ama wait till i get in school so i can learn it”, they were at the library and online studying everything they can possibly learn about it so they can be on top of their game when they can finally afford school. most of all, while you were sayin “aah i cant wait to get home from work so i can sleep”, they were waiting to get off work so they can do MORE WORK to actually benefit their future. everyone wants that sexy hot bod, but will you actually work to get it? ive learned that most people on this earth enjoy being lazy and refuse to believe that successful people were once in their exact same shoes at one point in time.

check out this, one of my favourite Hopsin track


What do YOU think?!

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