Come PLAY with TEDxManitoba 2013! Apply Today!

tedxtileThat’s right, the time has come again for TEDxManitoba! An independently organized event that brings together 15 speakers in the province of Manitoba to share some ideas worth spreading. We only have a little bit of time left until the deadline so make sure you check out their website and nominate someone or apply to speak yourself today! For me specifically, I would love to see some INDIGENOUS ideas, some NORTHERN MB Ideas and some YOUTH ideas!! Please check me out on twitter if you wanna chat about what my experience was! (@northendmc)

Last year, myself and Kale Bonham were able to share 2 ideas that we have been able to see come to fruition. Those 2 videos were able to help spread our message of creative expression, optimism and cultural identity. See those videos at the bottom of this message


But first take a look at some of the official text from the TEDxManitoba site to get a few more details about this year’s themes:

For one full day on June 6th, 2013 some of the world’s most unique minds will narrate the journey of their big idea, delivering passion, insight and expertise with a diverse live group of 100 Manitobans (and thousands more through our live stream).

The ideas they share will spread throughout the province and around the world, reformulating our thinking, expanding our viewpoints and changing the world.

Our theme this year is Play

Play games. Learn while Playing. Not able to Play. Playing Music. Any kind of Play.

Our organizing committee intends to assemble a stunning line-up for TEDxManitoba 2013, and they need your help. Do you know someone with a remarkable idea worth spreading? Someone who has brought about a significant change by reconsidering their field, their workplace or their neighbourhood? Do you know that person or are YOU that person?

MM@BT 1 Year was AWESOME!!

Kale Bonham – Bridging Cultures Through Community Provoked Art

Kale tells the story of the Selkirk Avenue Banner Project that saw the successful installation of the first new banners on Selkirk Avenue in 19 years!

Michael Redhead Champagne – Oppression to Opportunity

MC tells the story of  AYO! and shares some of the core values of AYO with the 7 sacred teachings, the medicine wheel and smudging.



What do YOU think?!

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