Overwhelmed with Inspiration

idle no more blue banner

In the last few months we have seen what the Idle No More movement has done to our young people. Motivated, focused, grounded in natural law and connected with spirit our young people have been moving mountains and setting an example for the next seven generations to be proud of. After the beginnings of Idle No More came with pushing Chiefs, hunger strikes and round dances Canada wondered what was next. A token meeting with the Prime Minister and another token meeting with the Governor General and then….?

Then our young people got inspired!

In January the Journey of Nishiyuu began in Northern Quebec that would see over 200 follow the original 7 young walkers. Here in Manitoba we would see 2 journeys from First Nations to Winnipeg raising awareness about our Lakes. Another journey is planned leaving Thursday morning from Winnipeg to Ottawa. Our young people are speaking up, they are speaking out and they are leading by example. As I see the beautiful pictures and videos and see the support and love being shown to the young walkers of Nishiyuu I can only hope that this community support, from Indigenous and non-Indigenous will continue, to support youth as they take these steps, follow their visions and take their rightful place as leaders of our nations.

But…its just a walk?

These aren’t just walks. These are rights of passage. These are opportunities for our young people to say to the rest of the world WE ARE BREAKING THE CYCLE. We will not repeat the mistakes of the past and with our culture close at hand we WILL lead by example. These are more than walks, these are journeys of the spirit. These are opportunities for our young people to spend time with the land, get to know the land, and build a community out of all of us who live on the back of a turtle. I read about how one of the Nishiyuu Marchers marched with a picture of his deceased brother (lost from suicide) taped to his chest. Other marchers speak of their grandparents, and their love of their language. These spiritual journeys are enabling our young people to shed their former identities as bums, who are ‘at-risk’ and consistently made to feel like their contributions are not significant or valid.

To our young marchers across Turtle Island ‘we hear you, we see you and we are following your lead’

Let’s keep going homies, lets keep going.

with love


PS – I think I feel an MC Letter brewing…I think it’ll start with ‘Dear Idle No More’…stay tuned…


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