Hanging out in the Parkland Region

I left yesterday to come on an adventure with the Mountain View School Division. Over these 3 days I will be speaking to many of the student’s attending school in the parkland region from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The ride out with my ally Pete was beautiful as you can see from the below image!


So we took the scenic route up, through Riding Mountain National Park and ended up spending the evening in Roblin, MB at an awesome place called the ‘Harvest Moon Inn‘ – I stayed there before when I was doing presentations up here when I worked at SAFE Worker’s of Tomorrow.


It was a good night at the hotel, but the morning was AWESOME!! I got to hang out at Roblin Elementary School and start my day by speaking to all 300 students in an Assembly. The little Kindergarteners were especially awesome. Next, I got a second audience with a grade 5 class. After the assembly, and after the grade 5 class, I was swarmed by these younger kids all asking for me to autograph their agendas and their shoes! It was fun to learn about and observe the City/Rural Cultural differences and theses students taught me a lot!


Then I finished the morning by speaking with the 7s and 8s of the school. I pretty much asked them for their help, and asked them to look out for the little ones in their community. I shared successes that I have experienced, both personally and in the community with our made in the North End Community awesomeness initiatives, including of course Meet Me @ the Bell Tower.


Next stop in the afternoon was in Grandview, MB where I got a chance to address kids from Grandview School and Gilbert Plains School. I started with the 7s and 8s from both schools, and the second half of the afternoon was the 9s to 12s from both schools. I had previously connected with some of these students last month, so it was comforting to see some familiar faces. The most interesting moments of the day came when the students were given a chance to ask questions…there were some pretty funny ones. I think I upset at least 1/2 the school in Roblin when I told them I chose Army Cadets over Hockey as a 12 year old child hahaha.

MC & GilbertNow look at this pic I snapped driving through Gilbert Plains with this massive Golf Ball (named Gilbert). Pretty great eh?

All in all, an immensely rewarding day…I am exhausted and away from my power source, Winnipeg’s North End, so I will have to find some creative way to recharge. Any ideas of what’s to do in Dauphin and area?!

I’ll let you guys know about further adventures as they arrive 🙂 Or if you have an adventure to suggest, CLICK HERE 🙂




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