MC and the SGEU

mc humility

On Friday April 26th, I had the opportunity to address the 100th Annual Convention of the Saskatchewan General and Governmental Employees Union in Regina, SK. It was a difficult decision to make coming and speaking that day considering the devastating news that I had recieved about one of our young people back in Winnipeg passing away the previous day. I channeled my grief into my speak, shared my pain, and shared the importance of all sectors of our community, labour, business, government, non-profit….THE PEOPLE, coming together to create opportunities for youth to be heard, feel supported and affirmed in their gifts and abilities. Luckily I was able to meet a BCGEU Vice President, Lorene Oikawa (who I actually have known on twitter for some time as @Lorene1voice, so it was awesome to meet her) and she helped to craft the social media story that we attempted to weave with the hashtag #SGEU2013)

I appreciate these opportunities to address audiences, shares some of the successes of the AYO! Movement, the resilience of young people, and sharing my story with others. This particular story is intimately tied to an issue that is of imminent importance in our communities, the issue of youth suicide. A new post is coming very soon on this issue that we must begin to address. You could be an individual, a union, an informal group, a business or even a purple unicorn you can do something to help make our young people feel heard, validated and supported.

mc accolades comment

A cab driver on the airport from Vancouver to Regina answered my question on what do kids need to feel safe…his answer was very simple, the wisdom and the solutions are everywhere.

Our children need the community to to stand behind them to feel safe


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