Get A (Summer) Job!

Wassup people?

Lotsa people are saying that they need help getting a summer job. Not so easy hey? Here are some (hopefully) helpful tips to help you get a summer job. If you have any to add, or an additional tip to offer, an additional resource you think should be shared please feel free to comment below!

STEP 1 – Make a Resume – there are many places in our community that have computers that can help you make a resume for summer employment. Keep posted on the AYO! Facebook page for our mobile Resume Workshops (coming soon)

STEP 2 – Make sure your skills are up! Many jobs require you to be a student, or to have completed some specific kind of training. Read the fine print and see what kinda jobs are out there that you are qualified for.

  • If you need help with your drivers licence/getting IDs, call the folks at Citizens Bridge 204-586.9853.  But you need a refferral and the right forms, so you can contact AYO! for the right forms. Here is their blurb: Citizens’ Bridge helps people obtain proper identification, such as a driver’s license, and manage their money — important tools to getting a job and taking care of regular pay cheques. Citizens’ Bridge grew out of the Community Financial Services Centre pilot which helped over 720 people open accounts at ACU. Citizens’ Bridge is a community collaboration spearheaded by the North End Community Renewal Corporation.

STEP 3 – Apply in person to the manager. Speak directly to someone who is in charge, make sure you shake their hand and try to make a professional first impression.

STEP 4 – Follow Up – if you don’t hear back from them in a couple days CALL THEM. Ask them if they have recieved your resume, if there are any questions they have for you. Be respectful of course, don’t be pushy lol.

Step 5 – Get Hired (self explanatory) (although perhaps not… make sure you respond to phone calls and emails in a timely manner, ESPECIALLY in the beginning as your potential employer is beginning to get an impression of the kind of worker you are – might as well make it a good one. Its not easy it takes effort, patience and confidence)

Step 6 – WORK! Once you get the job make sure you show up on time, make sure you do what is expected of you and above all else Ask questions. If you dont know how to do something, ask questions, if you dont know what something is, or why something is done, ASK. Seriously, the best way to learn about a workplace is to ask questions you have to the appropriate person. (obviously don’t take this advice to the extreme either … don’t be annoying to anyone but make sure you are informed, working safely and aware of potential challenges)


Anyway here are 2 jobs you should apply for ASAP (if you qualify)

  1. Urban Green Team with the North End Food Security Network (deadline – May 30th, this Thursday!)
  2. City of Winnipeg Student Labour Position (deadline May 31st also this Thursday)

Happy Job Hunting



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