Organize, Strategize, Act – Repeat

Action Expresses Priorities. Organize, strategize, act & repeat. Let’s all go!

American Raksha

Anger is a vital place to begin.  But we cannot simply point our fingers and aim our profanity-laced Facebook messages at a ‘system’ that has failed us.  We cannot blame ‘the racists’ or ‘the media’ either. If you know what the words ‘by the people, for the people’ are referring to, then you know it’s we-the-people who have failed Trayvon, and we have failed each other.  We can argue about government and corporate power (both merit serious discussion and reform), but it’s our system, we agree to live by it, and for a very long time we have allowed it to exist and deteriorate this way.

For a very long time we have rested on the victories of generations that have come before us. We could believe (or at least rationalize) that the hard work was done.  That racism, if not defeated, retreated to a few dark corners of the…

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