What Rhymes With Nenshi? (An Ode to Calgary’s Mayor)

(an Ode to Calgary’s Mayor)

So discouraged by politics, it’s all become so gray

The difference between black and white continues to decay

Many just don’t care about those bills, or what they try to change

The temper tantrums and the lies, why can’t they act their age?

Even in my town some lights seem brighter than the rest

But what is this, this glaring hope that’s coming from the west?

In the middle of Alberta, in a town called Calgary

A mayor sits and laughs and reads and it resonates with me

His budget is a surplus, on YouTube I found out

Emergency response? Top of the notch! He helped his people out

I did some digging on the web and learned about this guy

On twitter and in person…seemed sincere and always tried

This may be ‘cause of media, but for now I’ll just believe

Politics can serve your city; his first  name is Naheed

I’ve never met him face to face, so I don’t know if it’s real

But it seemed like when disaster hit, he did a good job at the wheel

Flooded with adversity, he knew they needed the arts

He knew they needed hope and help and seemed to do his part

And rising above the damage, that stampede town still stands

With a Mayor they call Nenshi, they are all in such good hands



Mayor Nenshi RT’d this post and I am not sure if he said he ‘appreciated’ the poem or was \apprehensive’ about it as his response was “apprehenshi” LOL



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