CouchLogs – Day 1

Couchiching 2013

What up my friends?!

So I am here in Geneva Park, ON and the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs begins this evening. I cannot wait. As part of sharing the adventure of COMING TOGETHER AS ONE, you can check it out in many ways

  1. Firstly, check out the NorthEndMC SoundCloud and listen to my audio snippets of what’s happening, CLICK HERE 
  2. The hashtag for the conference is #couch8thfire, come hang out on Twitter!!
  3. As background info, don’t forget to check out the official Couchiching Conference 2013 website

The final 2 things, I wanted to share for this update are the description of the panel discussion I am sitting on Sunday morning and the promotional video for Couchiching (which features my favourite Mayor, Naheed Nenshi!)

The 7th Generation & Passing on the Flame

  • Michael Redhead Champagne, Shamattawa Cree Nation, Founder of Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, Winnipeg
  • Wes Fine Day, Cree Elder and Storyteller, Sweetgrass First Nation, (Saskatchewan)
  • Leon Thompson, Co-Chair 2013 Conference
  • Heather Watts, Mohawk, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory (Ontario), Educator and Columbia University Master’s student
  • Moderator: Michael Morden, Research Associate the Mosaic Institute, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

After five hundred years of colonization, the world has changed and Indigenous youth are still finding their place. They are the future: educated, professional but in touch with their roots – learning ancestral languages and traditions, fusing the past and the present with assurance and savvy. How are the young leaders of tomorrow navigating the modern, digital world; honouring their cultural history; reshaping the national conversation; and picking up the political torch? Together, to avoid the follies of our forefathers, where do we go from here?

Promo Video



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