How To Kill A Monster

I love words. I love writing. I love blogging. I love social media cuz you have to be concise with words. I love poetry because of the truth that spoken word can convey to more than just your mind. Check out these poems that moved me.

Friend Zone by Dylan Garity

Sometimes you wonder when you hear something beautiful out of a stranger’s mouth, when you hear something that moves you…its our instinct to get suspicious and ask ‘was it even true?’. I thought this recently as I watched a spoken word poet who shared a poem called the Friend Zone that talked about how boys feel slighted when girls only want to be there friend…and then proceeds to give us a reality check. One that our world needs to hear… how do you kill a monster?

OCD by Neil Hilborn

And then…a poem about mental health. A tale about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, that gives us a glimpse into another’s way of life – and for a moment we can feel their heart beat. you’ll be holding your breath by the end of this one.

I was really happy to find these poems…not because I like finding videos to make me sad or cry at night time…but because I love words. I love sharing words, I love hearing words, I love writing words…you get the point. But these words, they move me. And I would be irresponsible to my passion if I did not take this time to share it with you…I love hearing these young men find a healthy outlet to deal with the emotions that come with normal situations like breakups & relationships because poetry, writing, and sharing your words is such a great way to get over some of the crap we all have to go through.

So how do you kill a monster? I don’t know, but you can start by improving your mind and heart by expressing yourself. Especially after difficult things happen, art, poetry, tears can help us get the poison out. Hope you enjoyed these vids.




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