Writer’s Block

writers block mc

I haven’t been able to get out the thoughts I have on my mind

I cannot seem to articulate concisely what I am thinking

My intentions cannot be realized because they cannot be communicated

Its like I have muck in my brain

maybe its because I am starting university?

Maybe its because I am confused now

No, Its definitely because I am confused

not sure where I stand

the knowledge has made my perspective expand

Not sure how to properly convey

the things on my mind, that I now need to say

why am I confused? When did this happen?

Could it be summer, or couch, or midlife crisis?

could it be a need some inspiration?

could it be i need to eat better?

perhaps i simply need to chill out more

perhaps i need less coffee

what if all I need is something to unblock me

how does one unblock a mental pipe?

Looks like a smudge and a sleep will have to do for now


One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. right on Michael….you picked the right solution…..to add – a prayer! I love you my friend….love you for everything you stand for …. and everything you have become….just dont forget to look after that #1 person – YOU! ❤

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