The Manitoba Liberal Incident: What is the Cost of Democracy?

What is the cost of democracy?

Recently, my friend and colleague Mark had a negative experience with the Manitoba Liberal Debate #2. This event took place at the West End Cultural Centre and was $5 to attend. Like many folks from the inner city, Mark was not able to pay the $5 – however, in his role in leading AYO’s PolitiX initiative his influence and his perspective have become valuable for many of us that aren’t able to attend these events. For me personally, I value Mark’s perspective when he represents our group attending these events. I also think that young indigenous people need to become more engaged in politics which is why I was so excited when he told me that he was going to attend.

Aboriginal Youth Turned Away from Political Debate

I was saddened to hear that he was treated poorly and hope that there is some way that we (AYO and other youth groups) can work together with all political parties to ensure that participation in democratic events, for all Manitobans, becomes paramount. I too understand putting on events such as this are not free…however there may have been ways to address this. On Twitter a few people, including Bob Axworthy apologized on behalf of the MB Liberal Party.

What do you think? Should attendance at these types of events be free? Are we getting upset over nothing? How accessible/engaging is politics for you?



PS – Check out the below graphic to see AYO’s new PoliitiX facebook page. Today, Sat Oct 5th we are reviving our Brain Storms to prpare to speak with a few of our elected officials and begin laying a ground game for the 2014 municipal election.



2 thoughts on “The Manitoba Liberal Incident: What is the Cost of Democracy?

  1. I have been to some events where a voluntary donation is the price of attending. There is usually a suggested amount, and virtually everyone pays it. However, if somebody is not able to pay it they can still attend without any problem. This is something the Liberal Party can consider for the next event.

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