Commit 3.0 – LRSD Students Commit to Citizenship


Today I had the opportunity to speak to Louis Riel School Division students about citizenship. I was able to share information about how the medicine wheel connects us to one another & mother earth. More importantly i had the opportunity to hear from the students directly what characteristics make up a good citizen, and most importantly hear some of the actions that the students committed to taking in their own schools.


“The A+ Team”

Over 100 grade 7 & 8 students gathered at the division head office and started the day with a heartfelt welcome from Grant McManes. Then (this was a highlight for me) 2 of the students passed me tobacco & introduced me to their peers. Thanks to those 4 students for making me feel so welcome. Naturally, i was able to start my talk with the group talking about tobacco & how we are the land. After the talk, which centred around the medicine wheel we began the day with activities in our round tables. My first table group called themselves… “The A+ Team”.

LRSD is Committed to Action

The students impressed me so much with their willingness to come forward and the adults were sincere and creative in their approaches to working with their students. It was great to see the family like dynamics between the different school groups too, reflected all the way from student to divsional policy. We had an opportunity to build our own model citizen complete with drawings and descriptions of characteristics and actions for students to take. After lunch students went into school groups and given data to digest on how youth felt about safety in their specific school. It was collected from the gr 7 students the previous year….very cool.


Thanks so much to thebstudents for sharing their feelings and ideas.  These youth are moving forward with student led initiatives that tackle issues such as cyber bullying, recess role modelling and student to student presentations with space for everyone to share their gifts. Ekosi to everyone who came out for an awesome day!

Love & Respect


PS- a personal highlight was the people bingo where we got to learn about one another. Apparently i was useful as someone who doesn’t like tomatoes, volunteers in the community & someone who has a mentor! Ok, last highlight: doing the big coordinated dance routine at lunch time! Thanks for being awesome!



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