Letters of Gratitude


Dear person reading this (yes you), thank you for taking the time to read this – for your attention to these words, I am grateful.

This post is intended to share an activity that can help us brighten our day, and also greatly impact someone we admire (even/especially at a time when we feel dark, or sad or lonely). Everyone gets sad, and discouraged but there is one reality we must face: you are alive and reading these words today – and there are a whole lot of people (including you) who have worked really hard to make that happen. For that simple reason alone, we have reason to be grateful. One of the best ways to reverse negative impacts on our lives is to show love to other people, being honest when we are impressed and being deliberate when we communicate our gratitude.

Showing Love – Step by Step

STEP 1 – Think of someone in your life who has greatly impacted you, this could be a friend, a family member, a teacher, anyone – of they influenced you or helped you in someway, they count!

STEP 2 – Write a letter of gratitude explaining the impact they had on you to that person, what they taught you and share some examples of how you’ve applied that info in your life. This part gets emotional, so brace yourself (its ok to cry during this process – I have given people many a soggy or tear stained letter of gratitude, haha).

STEP 3 (optional)Give them the letter, preferrably in person. This is probably the hardest part, and also why it is optional. I have had moments where I couldn’t say the words to someone, so I just post it on my blog.[here is an example called DEAR BROTHER I wrote to someone I couldn’t give it to…]

And Repeat

Once you have written and shared one letter, make it a habit. Do not only do it once, or only when you are sad. Make it a habit to not only write it out – although that is awesome cuz then the person can keep it in their pocket and re-read it whenever they are in need –  but also to say it directly to people in the moment. When someone does something nice for you, say thanks, reciprocate. Random acts of kindness are nice, but deliberate acts of kindness are nicer. So thanks, for taking the time to read this, and thank you in advance for writing your letter

With love



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