MC @ ACE 2014: Community, Curriculum & Medicine Wheel Glasses

This upcoming Thursday/Friday is the annual Aboriginal Circle of Educators Conference in Winnipeg.

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It promises to be a couple of days jam packed with opportunities to learn from one another. There are workshops by local indigenous educators including Mrya Laramee, AYO family member Ko’ona Cochrane and keynotes by Kevin Lamoureux (the educator, not the politician) and myself. My keynote will be called Community, Classroom & Curriculum and I’ll ramble about how indigenous education, as I understand it, values education in various forms – not just in the classroom. We will explore these questions: how can we deliver curriculum points through project based learning?; what actions are your students already participating in that could be tied to the provincial curriculum? Check out the poster below for info on the conference and of course check out the blog here. I’ll be tweeting about the conference here (not sure what the conference hashtag is yet) and look forward to sharing a new workshop of my own called Medicine Wheel Glasses. See you all soon!5659952

Medicine Wheel Glasses – Friday Feb. 7/14 (AM session)
We will take a closer look at the Medicine Wheel and how it allows us to see the world and ourselves from 4 very different perspectives. How can we embed a medicine wheel into the way we educate? We will look at case studies from AYO! and discuss how we can leave from the conference with a more connected understanding of how we as educators can learn from and support one another. Case studies that could be explored include: Meet Me @ the Bell Tower, Circle of Control, North End Opportunity Network, AYO Leadership.


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