The Point of ARROWS


In 2008, while working at Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre, volunteering with United Way Youth Relations Council & a Civilian Instructor with 1226 Fort Garry Horse Army Cadet Corps, something awesome happened.

I was asked by CCEDNet (Canadian Community Economic Development Network) to share a workshop on youth engagement at their annual gathering; it was being held at St. John’s high school and shares many examples of local CED principles in action. People were beginning to hear about all the good things happening with the youth in the North End and they wanted a presentation to share a few models of youth engagement. Since I was experienced in presenting UWW’s CAR strategy (Connection/Action/Recognition), I was gonna share that model alongside the RELATIONSHIP based model I used in my youth work in the North End. It was in preparation of this workshop that my one word strategy expanded into the 6 step model that we currently use today.

A – Access
R – Resources
O – Opportunities
W – Welcome
S – Support

ARROWS hit its stride in 2010 with contracts with the City of Winnipeg and the founding of AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities) this youth engagement model began to be freely applied well beyond my own initiatives. Since then the Youth Engagement Strategy has been hanging around and has developed into presentations of various lengths and half & full day training sessions. The point of the strategy is to create an opportunity for an urban Indigenous youth to educate youth workers on how best to connect with urban indigenous young people using relationships. This strategy has and will continue to be the starting point for all of AYO’s ideas and initiatives.

For more ARROWS information check out the official page here:

Or you could harrass AYO Leader Jenna about it too:


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