Gego Miigatigeg (Stop Fighting)

Yesterday while I was on my way to AYO’s 2nd Language Hour (in partnership with Neechi Niche at Neechi Commons 865 Main Street) I witnessed a fight.


It sucked because it was just before 4pm, and there a bunch of little kids walking around the street. I had just gotten offa the bus where I bumbed into AYO Leader Romondo. As usually happens when you put 2 AYOs together we laughed and shared where we were headed. I got off the bus at the same time as this nice old woman named Peggy. Now Peggy overheard our loud convo and asked me which languages would be at language hour (it was Anishinabe), because she was a fluent Cree speaker from Northern MB and was also heading to Neechi Commons with another lady. So the 3 of us began the mission from the bus stop to the other side of the street where our language destination awaited.

Enter Drunk Guys

As the 3 of us approached the crosswalk at Euclid and Main we were disrupted by these 2 grown men who were fighting on the sidewalk in front of the crosswalk. So first thing was to make sure Peggy and co were out of harms way, which they were. Next order of business was catching the attention of these men in between their fight and ask them to stop. I pointed to the little kids, elders and women walking by, but in their intoxication they took no notice. After a small moment of calmness, where myself and my 2 new friends were able to make it to the crosswalk so we could cross the street,  the fight unfortunately resumed.

Blood & Braids

After we crossed the street we informed some staff because the men continued to fight, at one point almost falling onto 2 small children in pink snow suits. Make me rage. These intoxicated men with bloody faces and disheveled braids,  disregarding the example they are setting, the stereotype they are reinforcing or the trauma they are triggering.  I was shaking when I got to AYO Language. …..which led me to ask how to say Stop Fighting in Anishinabe….the answer:



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