Lockport School is so KUWL!


Earlier today I had the opportunity to speak to the students at Lockport school. I was able to see the cool layout of the school, the final shot of the Olympic curling gold medal game and also learn about something called KUWL.

Relationships Respected in the School

I learned how this school has a unique home room concept that allows students to interact with peers regularly throughout the school year to not only enhance educational outcomes but also to build capacity of the students to be emotionally resilient and kind to one another. I was very impressed with the energy of the students and the positivity they shared so honestly in the assembly. They easily recognized the positive elements of challenging situations and were willing to share their gifts with the group. It is obvious the staff do a great job at taking care of the mind, body, heart and spirit of their students. I look forward to hearing how these young people share their gifts with their community in the future.


A random thing I learned there was that being a school that exists pretty much in an open field, they had some chilly challenges keeping students warm during fire drills in the winter time. As a result, they innovated a solution (that reminded me a lot of teepees) that they dubbed KUWL – Keeps Us Warm Longer!! Its essentially a tarp, and 3 long wooden poles that are taken out of the school during a fire drill in winter, they are erected directly by students and 60 people could fit under these tarps. They are windproof, water proof and provide adequate shelter in a Manitoba Winter while the school awaits the divisional school busses which have to travel some distance to arrive at the school.You can actually see them on the sliding display at the top of their website (click here), KUWL eh?


PS – shout out to Dave Sherman for taking this photo, and also shout out to the school for presenting me with a water bottle at the end of the speech!

PPS – even bigger shout out to the students pictured above who warned me to not put the above mentioned water bottle in a dishwasher unless I want it to turn into a test tube lol. Thanks Lockport!


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