Well played…”Write On! A Toast To Michael Champagne”

Check out Pg 12 & 13 for the MC Story
Check out Pg 12 & 13 for the MC Story

So I recently had the opportunity to hang out with someone named Roxanne from Literacy Partners of MB. She does a lot of great work, and part of that included having to put together this magazine. The article is cleverly titled “A Toast to Michael Champagne” and talks a little bit about how I see literacy (photo by Doug Thomas). I really appreciated an opportunity to acknowledge, in print, to emphasize the importance of system literacy which to me means being able to successfully navigate and get help out of the systems we live within, and treaty literacy, understanding the agreements that allowed European Settlers and First Nations to establish a country upon this land called Canada. You can read the whole magazine by clicking on the below link:


Shout out to Roxanne for pulling this together, and Nadia Kidwai for making it not only to the cover of this issue of Write On Magazine (an initiative of Literacy Partners of MB) but also to becoming a helpful Avatar on the www.ManitobaLiteracy.com website as their Reader in Residence!

Read on friends, read on!


PS – One thing I wish I had included in here, is the importance of learning your own cultural languages. For me, I am Cree, and I was once told that many of the teachings and lessons that are passed down from generation to generation are contained in our language. I can attest to the beauty present within these languages, as the last few weeks have been really fun with the advent of AYO Language Hour, a bi-weekly opportunity to learn language. This week I bought a book of “pocket Cree” and have been reading ever since, Happy I ❤ to Read Month…go learn your language!!


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