#CountMeInWinnipeg arrives on Monday

Oh man, I am so excited. This is inspiration and action together. Come and be inspired on Monday, or follow along with the hashtag #CountMeInWinnipeg on twitter and other social media to stay on top of wassup at Count Me In.

The After Party

More than anything else, I am excited for the talking and the entertainers to finish up and the students in the audience to hit the after party, where there are literally tables and booths from organizations ready to share REAL OPPORTUNITIES for ACTION that youth can participate in NOW!

CMI screenshot

Funny Story

Once upon a time when I was little, at one of my elementary schools we had a motivational speaker come in and talk to us about overcoming the struggles of childhood. His name was Sunjay Nath and he left a profound impact on me…so much so that it was his business card – that was also a playing card, in my case a Jack of Clubs – that I remember to this day. Never forgotten, but never reconnected, CMI this Monday allows child MC, to reconnect with this huge influence in his life, on the CMI stage, so I can tell Sunjay directly, man to man, speaker to speaker, thank you and Ekosi for the impact you made on me as a kid…look where I am today.

See you guys on Monday!


In the mean time check out this super special announcement made today, live on air on Energy 106!


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