Missing Murdered Nation

Missing Murdered Nation
Cheyenne Proverb – Image from Urban Native Girl Lisa Charleyboy’s Tumblr! ❤

In the last number of weeks
someone was shot in front of my house
2 girls stabbed one another a few blocks away from me
a woman missing from 2006 turned up in a Point Douglas Rooming house
this is thanks to a tip from BC RCMP, because the killer had murdered his wife also in Vancouver
At the same time an Inuk woman in New Brunswick is murdered
found lying in a ditch along the trans-canada highway
The topic of the theses paper she is writing is missing and murdered women

oppression and discrimination
rage and apathetic eyes watching the tv station
ignoring the cries of the women within
helpeless to grasp
the pain
and helplessness
we feel within

our nation isn’t gone because our women are still so strong
but they are in the middle of a real shitty destination
a place that claims to be safe, secure
its nothing but a lie, a slur
its like a riddle solved in desperation
we have the answer but none of the tools to make it so
unsure of how to move forward, frustration
i cannot find the words to get it out

but we are not done yet
it isn’t hopeless
as long as there is breath left within me
i will fight for my sisters
in my example
in my requests
in my challenges
in my relationships
it is so hard to reverse what they continue to teach
but we have to believe

This is why Meet Me @ the Bell Tower continues
“Freedom” is the theme this week
I hope we find what we are looking for
Of course we’ll have to look inside and create our own
Way out of this missing murdered nation.

Shortly after posting this, my twitter friend @theamazon1 shared this image with me that filled me with hope…its the kids. They are the medicine.


One thought on “Missing Murdered Nation

  1. We have pushed our young to get their education to succeed in life. Now our youth are heading off to the city to continue on to university. Reading daily of our aboriginal woman being murdered and disappearing is so frightening to me, I am sorely afraid. I want to wish them all the best and pray for their safety as they pursue their dreams.

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