The Rob Ford Effect

ROB FORD EFFECT: a trend in behaviours where elected officials demonstrate increasingly questionable decion making, while young people demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice themselves to elected politics.

News that an 18 year old camp counselor has declared his Candidacy for the Mayor’s chair in Toronto today. What do you think, is the ROB FORD EFFECT real?

Politix Brain Storm

Has the Rob Ford saga helped or hurt Canadian politics? Many people are quick to say that Toronto’s current mayor has negatively affected politics; but what if the drug use, the rude remarks, and the general chaos that has been the Rob Ford saga has had a positive effect on younger voters? What if the “Rob Ford Effect” has actually helped impact voter apathy in a positive way and re engage young people into municipal politics?

I wanna be a big mayor

In my experiences in the past year, listening to young people talk about the state of politics….they are dissapointed. They are dissapointed not only in Rob Ford,  but also in the behaviours in the House of Commons, the lack of connection to the provincial legislative assemblies and behaviours at City Halls. The way media reports only reports negative politics is also adding to the dissapointment. Our expectations can…

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