Q (CBC): Is Reconciliation Possible?
A (MC): Reconciliation is not possible until our women and children are safe. The amount of indigenous children being taken (still) by Child and Family Services departments across Canada is an indicator that the challenges being faced during the Indian residential school (IRS) era of Canadian history is still upon us. The lack of response and communication from authorities into the disappearance and murder of indigenous women is another reminder that we as indigenous nations (and even as Canadians) have a long way to go to get to

So last week was RECONCILIATION Week – which was really difficult. It makes me remember that my own birth mother was in residential schools and that I am very fortunate to have been raised and continue to be loved by the Champagne’s, especially my parents Sharron and Ron. It makes me so grateful for the childhood experiences with my family. I am heart broken knowing that most kids in IRS as well as kids today apprehended by CFS do not get that same opportunity to feel love by their own families. I even attended a special event called RIGHT HER FUTURE that talked about Canada’s connection to sexual violence in the Congo – where women and the land are violently raped and there are a brave group of people trying to support those women we were all there in support of. The main item I hope people understand about inter-generational effects of residential schools, from my perspective as someone considered an inter-generational survivor – there will be no reconciliation until our women and children are safe.


MC Answers Qs on RECONCILIATION (MC Opinion on CBC Aboriginal)

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4 thoughts on “Is Reconciliation Possible?

  1. “Reconciliation is not possible until our women and children are safe.”
    I take it you mean that this will only happen when Natives review how they govern themselves. I assume you are looking to your Chiefs and leaders for answers or to yourselves for solutions.
    If this is proving to be difficult, I would encourage Native people to look to Hutterite communities for a possible solution.
    Hutterites are communal.They have proven that their system works. They have become very successful in a very short time. Their methods are a template for native communities to use.
    Open your eyes, It’s time to wake up. The problem is within.

    1. Stan, from one white person to another, it’s hard to put yourself in the shoes of another, isn’t it? Our religion, our culture, our language was not made illegal. People don’t look at the color of our skin and make assumptions about us. Our parents and grandparents were not apprehended by force from their families as small children and forced to live in abusive school situations far from home, where under the guise of “education” they were beaten and starved. Our mothers, sisters and daughters are not murdered and missing and forgotten about. Our land was and is not being stolen. Over 100 years now since the treaties, and us settlers are still not living up to our end of it. Yes, as white people, we still like to say that what we did to the indigenous of this land is not our fault. It is much easier to blame the victims. And to offer them stupid advice. Live like Hutterites? You must be joking; indigenous had the best, most respectful, most balanced and spiritual communities in the planet until Europeans arrived. Think about it, if we as white people have all the answers to make things better for other indigenous cultures around the globe, then how come every single indigenous culture that was healthy and strong before contact with us is now so broken AFTER contact with us? How come?

      1. I have to eat some of my words — I said indigenous cultures have been broken by contact with the colonizers. Wrong. Not broken at all, as evidenced by people like Michael Champagne and AYO.

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