The Greatest Strength Of Our Community

This Pic was also shared when the Q was asked!
Once upon a Facebook Status, I asked my social network a question.
I simply left a statement unfinished, allowing individuals to complete the sentence as they saw fit. It was a deliberately vague statement that could be left open to interpretations…I referenced ‘our’ community and when I said our I was referring to the community of helpers and people shared between myself and the person reading the status. This is a beautiful list that illustrates the meant strengths we have on our community!
The greatest strength of our community is
  • Love
  • Each Other
  • Unity 
  • Is us together sharing our hopes and dreams for each other.
  • Ability heart
  • Michael Champagne
  • A sovereign Woman creates a sovereign Family, a sovereign Family creates a sovereign Community. A sovereign Community creates sovereign Youth.
  • One another
  • Creation, Forgiveness,Gifts, Fellowship, Respect, Humility, Love, Bravery, Honesty, Truth and Wisdom… ❤ Loving one another no judgement.
  • The ❤
  • The mothers
  • The community itself.
  • belief
  • working together
  • LOVE
  • solidarity.
  • Relationships. Strong connections between people that allow them to love and support one another, and to work together.
  • Working together!
  • Our resiliency. Our refusal to be labelled. Our pride.
  • Each other
  • Never lose hope.
  • Our Children and Youth such as all of you…
  • Resilience and pride.
  • love and understanding.
  • History and culture
  • more then one strength.
  • vision for the future.
  • our seven teachings; Love, Courage, Wisdom, Humility, Truth, Honesty and Respect !
  • Experience
  • bright and strong and caring natural leaders who bring the members of community together to stand up for what is right….like you Michael!
  • People before profit.
  • common goal
  • I was going to answer people, but I then wasn’t sure what community in particular you meant and if I was part of it. I still think it would be people, either way.
  • Help one another and be kind
  • Hope !
  • I am sharing this status with my FN community
  • Heart!
  • all the youth that are making a difference !
  • young people, bicycles, young people on bicycles. Pretty much in that order 🙂

Cool eh?



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