Adventure in Bodacious Baudette


Yesterday, was a day to remember. It was my first time travelling internationally to help deliver a speech. Thanks to Shane Feldman of Count Me In fame, I was part of a group of Winnipeg people heading out to Baudette, Minnesota for a Mini We Day Follow Your Dreams Student Empowerment Event.10003588_685414234853632_4447439859661262978_o

After we crossed the border, which as an adventure of its own, it was only a short distance to our destination: Lake of the Woods High School in Baudette, MN. It was awesome because this student run event was planned by students from a Canadian school (over the bridge, I believe) called Rainy River school as well as LOW students. The bright NEON t shirts helped us as soon as we arrived, but not before we took a selfie with our road trip team MC, Shane, and POP Stars Angie and Riele!


There were many amazing things about the event. It provided the first opportunity for me to hear a keynote presentation from my friend Shane Feldman, who did a great job giving some tips and tricks to these students on getting started on their own initiatives too. Make sure you follow this guy on twitter, to stay up to date with @ShaneFeldman! We also ran into a group of more Winnipeg awesomeness with Flo (@flosoul) and her Hateless Team (Chelsea & Duncan) who were also there to pump up the kids.


I was a big fan of the obnoxiously coloured t shirts, and it felt like the students did a great job at organizing this (I believe it was a first of its kind) event for their peers. There were also performances by these folks called STREET CIRCUS….that might have to be a post with videos all on its own. I am very excited to see what happens with these schools in the future as a result of this event!


Also, it was the first time I was able to co-present a little workshop with my homie Shane. his Count Me In Movement, and the Aboriginal Youth Opportunities Movement share A LOT of similarities. I am excited and looking forward to heading out to Toronto at the end of April to speak on the Count Me In Toronto stage in front of 3,000 TO Students.

Canada/USA, Rainy River/Lake of the Woods, CMI/AYO; The future looks brighter when we work together



PS – my favourite pic from the adventure was when Shane and I were presenting together, taken with love from Angie’s Instagram


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