Macgregor, Toronto, Saskatchewan & Calgary


The summer looks like its gonna be filled with excitement. Interest is building across Turtle Island in the innovative work that is happening right here in the North End of Winnipeg. There are various opportunities, events and conferences upcoming that will continue to bring together leaders and churn out community led solutions. My usual message with young people is a simple one – if we work together and share our gifts we can prevent violence and do more than create hope; we can create opportunities for action.

mc at mgeu 3


Check out the “Where Am I?” page to see where our friends from across Turtle Island can hear MC stories in the flesh. If you want to arrange a booking, you can contact Angie Lamirande, one of my partners in awesome.


  • MacGregor, Manitoba – This upcoming Thursday MC will be visiting this rural town in Manitoba to share words of optimism with student leaders!
  • Toronto, Ontario – You saw the CMI team in action in Winnipeg, now MC travels to the Count Me In home turf of Toronto with the North End Megaphone and 3,000 students.
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba – There is this awesome initiative called MB ALIVE [A Leadership Initiative in Volunteer Efforts] I was a part of in Grade 11….well it still happens. It builds capacities in young leaders to be empathetic and effective in their volunteering. I am happy to return.
  • Humbolt, Saskatchewan – This is my 2nd ever school division speaking tour, where I will travel to several communities in the Horizon School Division hoping to talk about how we can bridge community and classroom.
  • Calgary, Alberta – My friends at the Canadian Safe Schools Network are presenting for the first time in Alberta featuring Amanda Todd’s mother Carol Todd, Olympic silver medalist Dave Calder and me as well!

Sounds like the summer is gonna be pretty fun eh? Stay up to date by checking out the MC on social media.

Excited 🙂



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