Step Up in The Pas, MB

Step Up in The Pas, MB

Raven and I had so much fun in The Pas.

Our host with the most Charles was awesome, the students at the conference were so gifted. They were great at everything from videogames, to art, to parkour to badminton to, hand drum singing! My experience was great, we opened the day with an MC Keynote focussing on “Showing Love” where we explored the different ways we could show love, including honouring those who are no longer with us through our life, and also through recognizing the many ways we express ourselves to one another. Another focus was on the importance of helping each other and ourselves – we show love when we ask for help, when we accept help and when we accept others!

It was great to see how passionate the kids were about taking care of each other, and it was cool to discover afterwards, some of the work the kids do themselves for suicide awareness and prevention. One of the young people is part of a group that is skateboarding across Canada to raises awareness and create a platform for young people to share their stories in a supported and safe environment.

Make sure you take a second and check out Skate 2 Create in Northern MB here

Why There Is So Much HOPE

One important element to share, is that these students were gifted and loving. They were willing to help one another, assisting one another if someone wasn’t confident in their gift as well as having the courage to share some of their own stories and ideas on how we can call work together to save lives. This, combined with the quality of helpers that the kids have around them. I am inspired.


PS – it was also really cool seeing the Parkour boys meet up. There was this one boy who shared during the keynote his gift was parkour. I was approached by another boy asking if i could help him find the other boy who’s gift was Parkour. They met, and now hopefully they can share their gifts more safely with some support from one another. I saw them in action….very gifted.


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