North End MC hits #CountMeInToronto


On Tuesday April 29th,  2014 a legendary event went down at The Sony Centre in front of 3,000 excited students! Audiences from 69 COUNTRIES across the globe tuned in to watch Count Me In Toronto online, and thanks to social media the event had an overall reach of over 2.2 MILLION!

“Count Me In Toronto” is the world’s largest youth-run event. The unique field trip and broadcast inspires student involvement and volunteerism, and helps connect youth with local charities, causes and volunteer opportunities matching their interests

I was honoured to share the stage with many amazing and internationally renowned speakers, including Shane Feldman, Leo Barbe and fellow Winnipeggers The Treble and show closers Street Circus.

MC onstage at #CountMeInToronto

You can still experience the movement by following along on social media with the hashtags & of course the official Count Me In website is awesome!

Twitter: @CMICountMeIn #CountMeInToronto

I look forward to connecting with these amazing speakers and continuing to share our made-in-the-North-End message of HOPE, RESILIENCE and youth led awesomeness. When it comes to helping young people believe in themselves to help prevent violence?

Count Me In!




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