Horizon School Division Speaking Tour #MCinHorizon


I have only been here for 24 hours and I love it! If you wanna follow along my adventures over the next few days check out #MCinHorizon on social media 😛

DAY 1: Horizon School Division Student Day (Humboldt, SK)

The students today in Humboldt are having a Student Day where school trustees listen to student ideas on how to improve the school division. These students are very articulate and seem to understand very well how important relationships are in delivering effective and creative lessons in the classroom. Students from grade 6 to 12 are sitting together and talking about the role we each have in making our classrooms and students feel safe! Items such as technology, design and even nutrition and healthy food are being discussed. My biggest message to the trustees & teachers “please think outside the box!”

DAY 2: Wadena Elementary & Wadena Composite

The elementary kids were so great! We talked about sharing our gifts and had 7 student volunteers lead their entire gym full of students in sharing their gifts. We took a really awesome group photograph. The children in this presentation learned that if they put up their hand and say “AYO!” they can get my attention faster lol. Also, when many f these students found out I was going to their high school, they felt the need to tell me the name and grades and in some cases detailed descriptions of their older siblings who were attending the Wadena high school too.

The high school was a lot of fun too, and we led that conversation about stereotypes. This was the first and only presentation where I spoke about my friend Adrian and how he was recently the victim of homicide. It hurt me to tell that story but it felt as if the students needed to hear it. This was another gifted bunch of students with empathy galore. A highlight for me was when a student came up to me afterwards and offered me a hug, ‘for your friend’, she said. Thanks Wadena.

DAY 3: Punnichy/George Gordon Elementary, Punichy High School & Raymore School K-12

The day started on an extremely cool note with a hackey sack introduction to my presentation at Punnichy Elementary with George Gordon students bussing in as well. I explained to the kids what it feels like being the new kid…its almost like standing in front of a group of students who have their arms crossed and are making a face like this [insert obnoxious MC face here]. This was one of my favourite presentations because I went heavy into the culture. I spoke about our language, our role as men and women, and especially the role of our men to protect the fire….to protect our women. I was able to be connected to the Prairie Fire Connections too!



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