Alberta Safe and Caring Schools Forum #CSSNinAB

Lots of adventures in Calgary, Alberta this past Monday! Check out some photos and don’t forget to check out the #CSSNinAB Twitter tag!








The day was emceed by my good friend Shane Feldman (of Count Me in) & included a great balance of presenters, especially in the teacher’s stream. I generally prefer to talk to students directly, but I’m a street educator and can acknowledge the value in sharing this different perspective on educators with legit teachers. It was a great balance of speakers for the teachers which to me completed the medicine wheel:

Mind – Dr Kristine Wells (sexual minority bullying)
Body – Dave Calder (Rower and Olympic Silver Medalist)
Heart – Carol Todd (Amanda Todd Legacy)
Spirit – this left an obvious place for me to focus.

My message of LOVE IS LOUDER and our examples as complete humans who laugh, cry and love felt like it resonated across the crowd. Is shared the story and video of young Trenton and his father who came to Meet Me at the Bell Tower in our first night and created a beautiful video that captured the hope we all shared. I even shared the importance of playing while we work…so I will end this work related post with this play related video…stay awesome Alberta!



PS – I was unsuccessful in my attempt to hang out with Calgary’s mayor Nenshi…next time my friend! #FindingNenshi


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