Aboriginal Solidarity

On this day, that is often viewed as a time for celebration, I am drawn to the individuals, groups and movements that have provided some form of solidarity to indigenous helpers, allies and fighters like me. Aboriginal Solidarity Day “was established after the National Indian Brotherhood, a precursor to the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), mounted a campaign to have the date recognized as National Aboriginal Solidarity Day in 1982….June 21 was officially declared National Aboriginal Day by Governor-General Romeo LeBlanc in 1996.”

I like to think I am a happy person; I have hope that our young people will learn about hypocrisies and role model the necessary integrity to turn this global trend around so we  begin to care for one another and the earth. This is why I spend so much of my energies speaking with educators and young people alike, because I believe we have inherent within the teachings of our people, the ability to save people from the shallow existence that is quickly swallowing up western society and provide some form of spiritual awakening – an awakening that takes seriously our responsibility to provide for future generations by taking care of ourselves and the earth. I recorded THIS VIDEO last year, and still feel the same.


Let’s bring the solidarity back to Aboriginal Day. And then let’s celebrate our culture every day!!



What do YOU think?!

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